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<World Mediation Deacons Ep. 4 Seng Onn Loong>

Updated: Jan 29

Seng Onn Loong is the former executive director of the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC, 2004~2019). I met Seng Onn as a trainer at Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC)'s mediation workshop in Seoul last year.

He was one of the best teachers I have ever met. Now he is retired from Singapore Mediation Centre but still working as a mediator and mediation trainer.

There is a lot to learn from his experience. One of the excerpts from the interview (by the way, he is a part-time professional actor):

“Another acting technique, sometimes you play a role for 20 nights.

This is the same role and lines, but each night gets refreshed as renewed.”

He mentioned that this skill applies to training,

but I would like to apply it to “our daily life and routine.” Even though our daily work and house chores are repeated 365 days a year, each morning needs to be refreshed and renewed.

He also shared his lesson from the mistake of “overconfidence.”

Lastly, as he mentioned, “the world is your oyster”(Origin from Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor) why don't we take the opportunities that life offers?

I hope his story benefits our lives.

1. Trailer

- Part 1

- Part 2

2. Full Version

- Part 1

- Part 2

*The origin of “Deacon” is derived from the Greek word diákonos (διάκονος), meaning “servant” or “messenger.”


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