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Seoul ADR Festival 2022

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

JV Disputes Cause & How

Herbert Smith Freehills - IHCF Joint Seminar

Shareholder Dispute_DKKIM
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<Happiness Virus at Seoul ADR Festival>

I tried to resist, but I couldn't since the strong happiness virus infected me from Peter & Kim's afternoon session (

Some audiences at the evening session, including Wee Meng Chuan, Chung Jin Chung, Christina Jiwon Park, Anil Changaroth and Jiyun Grace Moon were already infected with me at Peter & Kim.

Maybe the happiness virus started from Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) lunch session (

The happiness virus was so strong and contagious. COVID-19 couldn't beat it.

Thanks IHKF, YousungSon, and Christina (Hyejin) Kim for the arrangement; thanks Mike McClure, Dana Kim, Andrew Raymond, Herbert Smith Freehillsfor the great presentation and responding to my act; lastly I think Braden Billiet was infected with the happiness virus as he sat on the very front table with me.

The future of ADR Practitioners

<Happy virus at Peter & Kim>

Seoul ADR Festival: the Future of ADR Practitioners.

I missed some smiles, but it was fun to think about the future.

Your smiles brought us back to youth.

Thanks for a million-dollar smile Yun-Jae Baek, Wee Meng Chuan, Chung Jin Chung, HONGJOONG KIM, Jini, Yunsoo Shin, Christina Jiwon Park, Harald Sippel, Anil Changaroth, and James Nicholson.

#SIMC Korea Specialist Mediators' Empanelment Ceremony & Lunch – Seoul ADR Festival

It was great to see the SIMC team and alumni this lunch.

Please enjoy my pictures before the official pictures from the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) are released. There were mostly happy faces.

I would like to thank, George Lim, Wee Meng Chuan, Kap-You (Kevin) KIM, Steve Kim, Liz (Kyo-Hwa) Chung, Shem Khoo, Kyung Yoon LEE for the smiles.

Thank you, Jiyun Grace Moon, for this arrangement.

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