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Searching for World Mediation Deacons: Ep. 2 Manon Schonewille

<WMD 2 – Interview with Manon Schonewille>

This is the second episode of WMD (World Mediation Deacons).

Manon Schonewille is my mediation and negotiation master. She taught me not only the skill but also many life lessons.

While editing the footage, I felt blessed by the great mind. Through this episode, you will hear great mediation stories from the first generation of the European mediation industry, as well as her life lessons, tips, and skills. You will also experience her life and feel passion and love.

It was difficult to prepare and edit, but throughout the process, I felt a constant stream of joy and 'Aha!' moments. I hope you also experience breakthrough moments.

The next episode is an interview with Delcy Lagones de Anglim, a highly respected mediator who works across multiple cultures. She is the daughter of the Inca and España. Mother of Australian Mediation Industry. She was born in Peru, lived in Italy, France, Switzerland, and Cambodia, and is living in Australia, a truly multi-culture and global mediator.

The interview made me confident that I am on the shoulders of the Giants. I was not alone.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no bankruptcy, for WMDs are with me; your lessons and passion for life comfort me.


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