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Rise of K-Wolves

Anyone who spent more than ten years in one industry has a specific forecast sensitivity. Executing transaction documents, I gained a sense of identifying the seed of a dispute. Mostly my expectation comes true. Hence, when the predicted event occurs,

my team calls me "Do-stradamus."

To avoid a dispute, I insert a specific mechanism to either eliminate such seed or for the fairground to fight.

Disclaimer: This article is based on a discussion with a close colleague in the financial industry. Comparing a person to an animal is implied taboo in Korean culture. However, this article does not compare a person but compares the "Challenge and Response" characteristic of a "Wolf." Thus, no offense. Further, my friend caught this great metaphor in line with the public interest.

Deja Vu

When I encountered Align Partners, I was immediately reminded of an upgraded version of Tcha Partners. No additional explanation is required. Please watch this linked attractive Youtube (click).

Tcha Partners became a "Summer Wolf," and Align Partners was a "Spring Wolf." Activism against MKIF and SM is quite similar in many aspects.

Specialist's Report

According to the specialist's report, the Activist market is coming in Europe.

Dostradamus says

"MZ Wolves are coming."

make Align Partners as summer Wolf, Tcha Partners as autumn Wolf.

The K-Wolves are coming.

Korean culture needs more "Challenge and Response."

More than welcome, K-Wolves!

M-Hm M-Hm

M-Hm M-Hm

M-Hm M-Hm

M-Hm M-Hm

M-Hm M-Hm

An Excerpt of Conversation (includes informal expression)

Ph.D.: Hey, bro, you need to study more and stop guessing... This article lacks logic.

D.K.: Hey bro, there is something beyond the logic, don't underestimate my force.

Ph.D.: DK! you are too intuitive. Please wake up and come to the real world.

D.K.: Doc! you are too logical. We are not a machine; however, our combination would be great. Why don't we establish a start-up name, "I & L Partners," Intuition and Logic?

Ph.D.: No. I am busy. Also, your naming is not logical.

D.K.: Well, then how about GMGB Partners?

Ph.D.: What?

D.K.: Great Mind and Great Brain!

Ph.D.: D! K! Please. Stop

D.K.: Nooooo. You know what?

We are K-Tigers!!!
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