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Modern Divine Comedy-現代滑稽列傳


This article is pure fiction. Nothing more. No overinterpretation is allowed.

Modern Divine Comedy-現代滑稽列傳 - PPP Series, part 1

(includes informal expression)

有貧(Youbin, previously known as 喩彬): Are you pretending to be Dante now?

Kim Daoshi: No. It's not Dante but Sima Qian(司馬遷). Divine Comedy(滑稽列傳) among Shi Ji(史記). Dante's "Divine Comedy" is just an English translation of Divine Comedy in Shi Ji. BTW, Dante just named his book "Comedia." No "Divine."

有貧(Youbin): So what's up?

Kim Daoshi: I just sensed that something is happening in Elysium. Let's go to Elysium to meet Hermes using the entrance of the multiverse.

Kim Daoshi: 你好(Nǐ hǎo), Hermes! What's going on here? I felt something is going on.

Hermes: We are building a bridge by Grim Reaper's Aura.

Kim Daoshi, 有貧(Youbin): WHAT? WHY?

Hermes: Charon can't manage the dead due to COVID-19. To speed up crossing the river Styx, we need to build a bridge by Grim Reaper's Aura. But, again, it's a PPP project. The coming dead will pay the cost by their Aura.

Kim Daoshi: Isn't it expensive? Charon's boat is much cheaper. Is there any plan to minimize the fee?

Hermes: I will use the magic of forecasting—forecasting the volume of the dead.

Kim Daoshi: What?

Hermes: One of my assumptions is that another pandemic will come by-annually. It's based on scientific and logical AI-based analysis.

Kim Daoshi: What if the assumption is wrong and there is not enough volume of dead?

Hermes: Then Zeus needs to pay Elysium's Aura to Grim Reaper.

Kim Daoshi: But it's Elysium's tax collected from its citizen.

Hermes: I fully informed Zeus. It seems like he is slightly busy with his non-marital affairs.

Kim Daoshi: Hermes, you are planting the seed of dispute. A fight between Zeus and Grim Reaper seems inevitable. However, my force tells me Pandemic will not come within a decade.

Hermes: What's your force based on? My forecasting is based on logic, but yours is based on your gut?

Kim Daoshi: No, it's my 7th sense or 3rd eye.

Hermes: Non-sense. Further, Zeus does not want to manage and operate the bridge himself. Zeus always told me that

"Outsourcing is the best policy."

Kim Daoshi: Let me tell you one thing. If there is a dispute, then please use Inter-Universal Mediation first. No litigation or arbitration. It consumes tremendous Aura. As I am the ancestor of Seo-Hee, please let me handle the case as a mediator.

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