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Lecture for Artist-Startup-Founders

Yesterday was this year's biggest and brightest Super Buck Moon (Wolf Moon in the southern hemisphere). But unfortunately, it was rainy in Seoul. Further, however, I took a picture the day before yesterday! It was awesome. It shined like a sun.

According to NASA, yesterday's full Moon was 357,264 km from the Earth, the year's closest perigee. The farthest Full Moon on January 17, 2022, was 401,023 km from the Earth. Thus the most substantial gravity of the year.

Such a strong force of gravity dragged me to give a 90 minutes lecture to Artist Startup Companies- "The key points of the investment agreement that Startup Companies must know."

It was great fun that I tried to use "role-playing," which I learned from Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) and Korea International Mediation Centre (KIMC) workshops, and got Wooclap feedback, which I learned from Seng Onn (谢谢!). I felt I needed more experience to teach like Seng Onn, but most importantly, I was very grateful to meet many great artist-startup-founders as a dilettante (amateur) artist. Hopefully, one of their platforms will list my artwork.

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